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LOST Season 6 Episode 15 Across The Sea

Jacob and Man in Black are brothers? I didn’t see that coming.

“Every question I answer will simply lead to another question” - Eve

And that, my friends, is the writers and producers way of letting you know that they will clear up some of the questions this show has created, but not all of them. So, have fun with your theories and ides because that’s an underlying thing with this show...the people who watch are actively involved with it.

On we go.

Murdering Mom, who we can refer to as Eve, I suppose, was on the Island. It’s obvious someone/thing was there before her, but for our story, it starts with her. Oh, and she’s a murderer. Claudia was the victim of a shipwreck on the Island (probably not coincidence) and it was Murdering Mom (Eve) who knocked her with the rock and stole her just-born twins, Jacob and No-Name. It would appear to be set back in Roman times...? Anyway, raising these kids as her own, she has essentially been testing them to see who would be the one to protect the Island when she was gone. In end, it seems as though she knew it was her time to go, sending Jacob off to get firewood as Adam would come into the cave and kill her. Her “thank you” at the end would indicate that things went exactly as she planned them.Bold

Jacob: The good boy, wrapped in a white blanked after he was born. But his dark side would come through on two occassions. The first was when the teenage Adam wants to leave him and Eve to go join the “Others” on the Island, people who were part of the ship that crashed with their Mother - their real mother - on it. The second time when Adam killed Eve and he would take him down to the Stream of Light. Jacob would also face his own trials, including his short temper regarding Adam, and also his murder of Adam. (Biblical alert: this episode mirrors the story of Esau, brother of Jacob. Esau being the brother entitled to inherit the wealth of their father, but it was Jacob who would get it when Esau sold his rights away to Jacob.)

Adam: The evil one, wrapped in a dark blanket after he was born, a surprise to his real mother who didn’t even have a name picked out for him. His desire to leave the Island, to go across the sea, is what drives him. He’s only known the Island and wants to know what else is out there. After learning that his real mother was killed by Eve, he joins the Others and ends up manipulating them to dig the wells used to look for the electromagnetic anomaly which Adam hoped would lead him to the Stream of Light. It turns out that Adam becomes the SMonster after being killed by Jacob and thrown into the stream.

The Rules: Whatever powers these beings have as part of the Island-protecting they do, they are governed somewhat by Eve’s statement that she made it so that Jacob and Adam wouldn’t be able to hurt each other. (I guess the two beatings and the fact that Jacob killed Adam, albeit accidently before throwing him into the Stream of Light, don’t count.) This is why Adam/SMonster, in the shape of Locke, had Ben kill Jacob. That was his way around The Rules.

The Stream: The magic - or whatever you want to call it - of the Island has to do with the light that comes up from a stream running under the rocks. According to Eve, there is a little of this light in every living person. The warmest, brightest light you’ve ever seen or felt. But, it must be kept from humans because they will always want more and they will try to take the light. If they take the light it will go out, everywhere. Jacob and Adam have been groomed all of their life to protect this light from being found by Man. However, when Jacob beats Adam to a pulp for killing Eve, when he throws him into the stream, Adam’s head hits a rock and it kills him. It’s Adam’s dead body that is pulled down into the stream. Moments later, as the light dims, the SMonster comes roaring up and out of the stream entrance. It’s possible Eve was right when she told Jacob that if you go down into the Light, it’s worse than death.

The Island Wheel: First created by Adam. When he and the other Island people found the electromagnetic anomalies, they would dig deep wells trying to find the source. The Wheel was created by Adam to somehow manipulate the electromagnetic source and the water to move off of the Island. (Apparently they only end up in Tunisia, though.)

Adam & Eve: First found by Jack in the caves when he went looking for his father’s body, they end up being the lady who killed Jacob’s/Adam’s mother, and Adam himself. The black and white stones that Jack found in the leather sack in Adam’s hand were put there by Jacob and were from the board game that Adam played as a kid.


--When Claudia appeared to her son, Adam, and told him that she was his real Mother, do you think that was the SMonster in the shape of Claudia? Since Claudia’s dead body was on the Island, it would’ve been able to assume her shape.

--The young blond haired boy that FLocke/Adam/SMonster has been seeing is Jacob from when he was a teenager.

--Eve was able to wipe out the Other men that Adam was with, and fill in the well? All by herself? Maybe she was also the SMonster...

--Eve killed all of Adam’s men because they had seen the Light and had ideas of what to do with it. She had to kill them and fill in the well so Adam wouldn’t be able to do anything with the Light. She could allow them to leave the Island with knowledge of the Light.

--Adam was called special by Eve when he was younger. Walt was also called special and so was Aaron. Maybe kids are considered special because they haven’t been corrupted by being an adult.


--They are selecting a Candidate to take over for Jacob, to protect the Island from being used by outside men. Adam/SMonster wants to leave because he’s never been off the Island.

--It must be kids who are selected to be Candidates. Jacob and his brother were taken as kids. Also, The Others took the kids from Oceanic 815, and since The Others were working for Jacob, it would make sense they would take the kids.

Reminder: all of this season’s stories have been taking place in the Lost timeline over the course of about two weeks. It’s only been about two weeks since the Ajira plane that Lapidus was flying landed back on the Island with Jack, Hurley, Kate, Sun, Sawyer, etc. The night before that flight, Jack and Kate hooked up, remember? Is there a possibility that Kate is pregnant with Jack’s kids and they will both stay on the Island to prepare the next Candidates...their kids? Booyah!

Also, I’m guessing that Desmond is going to end up going into the Stream of Light, but because he is protected from these electromagnetic anomalies, he’ll be safe to enter the light...for whatever purpose he’ll need to this for.

The final regular season episode of Lost will air Tuesday night, May 17 at 9pm. This is Episode 16, titled What They Died For.

The final episode of Lost will be Sunday night, May 23rd. It is titled The End, and will be a two-and-a-half hours long, starting at 9pm EST.

Ep 17 The End (pt 1) will be shown as part of 2 1/2 hour series finale (Sunday, May 23)

Ep 18 The End (pt 2) will be shown as part of 2 1/2 hour series finale

Until next week, I gotta go fix my loom.



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