Thursday, July 30, 2009

Flannel 'zine Issue #3
Despite the summer recess, the editors and writers of local University of Maine 'zine Flannel have still managed to get issue number three put together and it's ready for you to order. Go here and support Flannel. It's only $2.
Issue #3, or "the How To" issue, is 52 pages of tips on how to do various things with lots of pictures, all held together with a light-purple string binding. Some of the how to's include how to make peanut butter fudge, how to shrink your new jeans to fit you....PERFECTLY!, how to embroider paper (with pictures of finished product), how to red-scale film (w/ accompanying black/white pictures), and more!
When I got the issue, I went through the whole issue. Looking at each picture (eewww....what's with the hand??), reading each small bit of how to accomplish something, and then all of the sudden I was done. But I couldn't be done...I wanted more!
And that's why I love this little 'zine. I get done with it, but I don't feel done. And I'm still hungry for more. And it makes me laugh, which is always wicked awesome.
Credit to the editors and writers/photographers who keep this going: Sean Collinson, Jessica Harvey, Travis Bourassa, Kt Long, Lisa Napoleone, Ben Marcellino, Kat Johnson, Eryk Salvaggio, Brian Monahan and Gelsey Hubbard. I'm sure there's more...sorry if I missed your name.
As mentioned, this was the how-to issue, and right from the front cover they gave you a bake an apple. Sweet. I'm off to try it out. **heh heh heh**
Next issue: Fall '09.



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