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Lost, Season 5, Episode 15
Follow The Leader
Daniel: Okay, I guess he's dead. And as we've been told, dead is dead. Well, except when it's not.

Locke: Claims his place as leader of the Others. Brings Richard with him into the jungle for the purpose of catching up with himself during a previous time jump. He will have Richard remove the bullet in his leg received when shot by Ethan during the time-jump. He also tells Richard to give the message that he needs to bring everyone back from the mainland, and that he'll have to die to come back. FREAKY! Once Richard returns from this task, which Locke watched from a distance, he tells Richard to take him to see Jacob, and he wants to take the entire camp to see Jacob with him. He tells them all that the plans to kill Jacob when he gets there. Maybe Jacob, as happened to Locke, must be "killed" in order for things to set themselves straight...?

Ben: Is now the second fiddle guy behind Locke, and he doesn't like it. Ben is surprised at Locke's timing in getting to the downed plane in time to have Richard go meet up with him, to which Locke replies "The Island told me". Ben has never talked to Jacob, which makes sense since Ben appears to have been a fill-in leader while the Island waited for Locke to be ready to take on this role. If this is the case, then this might explain why Ben is still so cold toward Locke and his desire to go back to see Jacob and why Ben is pissed that Jacob talked to Locke. Ben's devotion to Jacob is similar to a person's devotion to a god they can't prove exists....he's never seen him or talked to him, but worships him without question.

Richard: He's an advisor who has held this role for a very, very long time, according to Ben. He tells Sun that he was on the Island in 1977, but saw all of them (Jin, Kate, Jack, et al) die, but does not offer how. In the end, Richard seems to have started to question himself in choosing Locke after Locke talks about having to kill Jacob. His brief conversation with Ben implies that neither of them are sure if Locke is the person who should be leading them.

Eloise/Ellie: After shooting Daniel, she sees the journal and recognizes her handwriting in the message she would write in the future to her son, Daniel. Relying on Jack and Kate (who are now on the outs with the Dharma Initiative group), she sets off to take them to the Jughead bomb, now buried in the concrete and under the Swan Station construction. She tells Charles Widmore that she will be going and that she's taking Daniel's body with her.

Jack: Starting to sound like Locke, eh? Jack believes that setting off the bomb will re-set everything. But what Jack doesn't understand is that even if the Oceanic 815 flight still continued on its way to LA, the only thing that really changes is that they land in LA, not the fact that this will prevent any future tragedies from happening because tragedies happen every day, not just on the Island. For Jack, it seems that he's just trying to find his destiny in the way Locke is finding his. Everything Jack has tried to do to help the group has failed, so it seems he's finally conceding that he must let destiny take him where it wants. But Jack is less about destiny taking over than he is about forcing things to happen. Jack is instead denying what has happened to them for the previous three years instead of taking the lessons he's learned during that time. Jack doesn't seem to be finding redemption, which is an underlying theme of the show.

Kate: Kate does not want to re-set everything. Tells Sayid that she and Sawyer brought Ben, whom Sayid assumed was dead, to the Others to be saved. She asks Sayid and Jack, "When did shooting kids and blowing up hydrogen bombs become okay?" She thinks Jack is as crazy as Locke because of the "this is our destiny" comment. I'll give Kate credit in that she's still the only one who hasn't caved to the idea that they need to be there. Kate still has a sense of loyalty to the Oceanic survivors (or she's doing it all for Sawyer, but I hope not) and is possibly still on her mission to rescue Claire.

Sayid: Returns with guns-a-blazing and takes out one of Eloise's men when he was about to shoot Kate. It looks like Sayid and Jack will be working together.

Sawyer: To get off the Island with Juliet before the upcoming incident, he agrees to provide information to Radzinsky. We aren't shown or told what information he gives up, but he and Juliet do board the sub. "Good riddance," he says as the lowers into the sub hatch. Hopefully he and Juliet didn't go and sell everybody out cuz that would make them totally jerks. It seems more likely that Sawyer the con-man told them something of a lie. We'll see.

Pierre Chang: Confirms with Miles and Hurley that they are indeed from the future. He wants to get people off the Island just as Daniel told him to do because of the upcoming incident. His attempt to convince Radzinsky to clear the Island is ignored until Sawyer cuts a deal.

Radzinsky: Brutally beats Sawyer trying to get information out of him concerning where Kate and him took Ben. Also tells Horace that he is no longer in control, signs that the peaceful hippie-dom of the Dharma Initiative is starting to unravel. Man, that's way out. Regarding Radzinsky, he likely assigns himself to the Swan Station in the future if he ends up learning what the Others/Hostiles are going to try to do with the hydrogen bomb.

Miles: Understands why his father made them leave the Island and seems to have a bit of resolution regarding his father.

The Island: So, when did a population first exist on the Island? Was it back in Ancient times (Egyptians)? While we know some people arrived on the Black Rock (which would tie-in Hanso and the Dharma Initiative), we don't know if there was there a population of people already there. We know that the Dharma Initiative was there in more recent history and we've seen other people arriving on the Island, but in smaller groups (Rousseau and her team; the Oceanic 815 passengers; the freighter people; the Ajira passengers), but we have yet to learn if there was an existing group of people who have lived there forever, or at least pre-Dharma. What if the Island is like Oz (so frequently referenced in the show) and Jacob turns out to be nothing but "a man behind the curtain"? Who is in charge of the Island? An entity that isn't seen but controls the body of someone who has already died (i.e. Jacob)? This might explain why Jacob is so revered by the likes of Richard and the hostiles, but it still doesn't explain why it exists and what it is trying to accomplish with its human chess pieces.

Other characters
Hurley / Sun / Phil / Jin / Charles Widmore

Double Take
--More Egyptian heiroglypics on the walls of the underwater area called he Tunnels by Eloise

--Hurley making sure to grab some Dharma Vanilla Cookies with the other food-stuffs
--Chang getting Hurley to confirm that they are indeed from the future ("What year were you born?", "Who's the president?")

1. Watching Locke watch himself near the crashed drug plane. I guess it does not create any sort of issues to have the same person appear with themselves in another timeline

2. Phil hitting Juliet was uncool, and me thinks he will eventually pay for that
3. The underwater entrance to the Tunnels
4. In the 1977 timeline, Radzinsky is acting like a psycho in his reaction to Sawyer, but we know from Kelvin, who told Des that Radzinsky killed himself with a shotgun blast (or maybe Kelvin killed him and was lying to Des?), that it was Radzinsky who cut out the 3 minutes of the Swan orientation video, and since that video carried a 1980, so we know he'll be around at least until 1980

Questions Answered
1. Pierre Chang does indeed force his wife to leave the Island to take their son (Miles) with her
2. Charlotte is also seen leaving during the time that they are loading people onto the sub after Chang tells everyone to leave the Island

1. So, with Daniel's death, it's possible that his solution to the Island's time issues will not be resolved by the detonation of the hydrogen bomb? If so, can anything correct the upcoming incident?
2. If the Others do end up having to move the Jughead bomb, how will they move something so big and let's not forget, leaking radiation? I'm sorry, did you say they could use the SMonster to do it? Well, you may have something there.
3. Will Desmond still be able to change things as was hypothesized by Daniel? Daniel's theories could prove wrong (remember: the Universe is self-correcting) and if this is the case, then Desmond would not be the one who can change things in the timeline.
4. Does the SMonster get around the Island by traveling in the underground Tunnels? Do the Tunnels "lie in the shadow of the statue?"
5. Why the ship-in-the-bottle? Is this a reference to the Black Rock? Maybe Richard (and Jacob?) arrived on the Island on the Black Rock and Jacob was chosen by the Island to be the link with the people on the there? Perhaps the Black Rock's arrival on the Island re-awakened whatever spirit/entity lives there and it took a dead Jacob's body to use as its voice? But what would this entity be? A long dormant Egyptian spirit (Anubis?) or something like that? I'm just supposin' here...
6. What/who is Jacob?
7. What will Ilana's role be in all of this and who is she working for? (I'm still thinking she's with Eloise somehow)
8. I ask it every week...where is Claire? Where is Vincent? Does Aaron end up having a role in all of this?
9. Will our Losties who are in 1977 somehow carry forward to land back in the 2007 timeline with Locke, Ben, Sun, etc?

Tune in next week for for the two-hour season finale: Lost, Season 5 Episodes 16 & 17 "The Incident Part I" and "The Incident Part 2".

Until then, grab yourself some Dharma Vanilla Cookies and get ready for the show!

Feel free to share your views, theories, money....



Blogger Kim said...

So, I'm thinkin maybe Elloise was such a butt to Daniel because she knew she killed him and that he would have figure out how to come back and initiate the bomb-dropping to undo his death.

Also, I think Richard could be Jacob. Maybe he does a dog and pony show to those who show up at the shack. Interesting that Jacob in the bible was a deceiver.

I also think it's interesting that Richard and Ben didn't seem very upset when Locke told them he was planning to kill Jacob. It seemed more like a conversation between two people who know something nobody else knows.

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