Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Did You Know Tuesday
Did you know that pool balls are made from phenolic resin?  Phenolic resin is also used to produce laboratory countertops and various adhesives.
At one time, pool balls were made from either elephant ivory (until the decimation of the elephant herds made this impossible; 8 balls could be made from one trunk). Prior to ivory, pool balls were constructed of either wood or clay.
The modern pool ball, however, is made with the phenolic resin and is highly resistant to cracks or chipping.
Of course, if it's me playing a game of pool, the balls are also resistant to going into the pockets.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've heard that a tusk can actually provide 3 balls only... Don't know if it's true.
What I know for sure is that the phenolic resin (Aramith is the producer) is indeed the best and the only one to be considered by a serious player. Other material may be used (produced in China), but definitely NOT the finest kinfd of pork...

5:26 AM  

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