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Lost, Season 5, Episode 13
Some Like It Hoth
Miles: Surprise...not! Miles is the son of Pierre Chang/Marvin Candle. Miles, while on a mission for Horace, meets his dad. But he never knew his dad, having left the Island with his mother when he was around the age of 4 or 5. In flashback, we see him as a teenager being told told by his mother that she didn't talk about his father because he kicked them out when he was just a baby. On the Island in the 1977 timeline, he uses his ability to read the final thoughts of someone who has died and learns that this Dharma Initiative worker had a tooth-filling pulled through his head, killing him. It's this ability to read thoughts of the deceased that brought Miles (back) to the Island. Naomi is seen in a flashback trying to recruit Miles, and offers him money to join their team because of his ability. He agrees to, and this is how he eventually winds up on the freighter. While in 1977, he sees his father playing with him as a baby, and Chang does indeed look like a happy father. It's likely Miles will make contact with his father, which will set off another series of events

Hurley: His back and forth with Miles continues to be quite amusing. He attempts to get Miles to own up to Chang that he is indeed his son, but Miles wants nothing to do with it. The funniest thing of all is Hurley working on the script for Empire Strikes Back, with a couple of improvements. Hurley wants to be ready for when George Lucas is looking for a script to follow up the 1977 release of Star Wars. Having seen Empire "like 200 times", Hurley is putting it all down in his Dharma notebook. Tells Miles he used to hate his dad too, who left with Hurley was 10. He was glad he was able to reconcile with him before returning to the Island. Going back to Star Wars, Hurley tells Miles that the whole problem with Miles and his dad is the same as Luke and Darth Vader, they just needed to communicate. After Miles talks about his ability to witness the thoughts of the dead, Hurley says that he also sees dead people, and sometimes plays chess with them

Pierre Chang/Marvin Candle: He is seen at the building site of the Swan Station. Interacts with Miles, but is unaware that this is his son Miles. There are some moments between Chang and Hurley that are funny. He is heavily involved in "top secret" stuff, and as we know, he'll be in the underground tunnels of the Swan Station soon enough

Juliet: With Roger sending up the alarm that Ben is missing, she says to Kate, "Well, here we go", knowing that all is about to come crumbling down as far as their secret and their infiltration of the Dharma Initiative. She's been aware that the return of Jack/Kate/Hurley would be end of things

Roger Linus: Finds that child-Ben is not in the infirmary and freaks out. He is beginning to see that something's up with Kate and Jack

Naomi Dorritt: Seen in flashback, she approaches Miles about working for a mission. She says her employer (Widmore) wants to use his talents

Sawyer: Confronted by Phil, who has seen Sawyer on the video taking Ben across the Pylons to the Others with Kate, Sawyer knocks him out. Not sure what he'll be doing with him other than tying him up, but it is another sign that the 3 years that Sawyer/Juliet/Miles have spent infiltrating the Dharma Initiative will be exposed

Other characters
Phil / Horace / Daniel / Jack / Kate / Radzinsky

Double Take
3:16 on microwave. 316 was the Ajira flight number

2. Young-Miles finds key to the hotel room (#4) under a ceramic white rabbit
3. Bram, the guy who kidnapped Miles and told him not to work for Naomi and her boss (Widmore) looks like the same guy working on the Island with Illana, from the Ajira crash

--"You're just jealous that my power is better than your power" Hurley to Miles
--"If you breathe one word of this I'll have you shipped to Hydra Island so you can weigh turds for their ridiculous experiments" Chang to Hurley
--"Let's face it...Ewoks suck, dude" Hurley to Miles (AMEN TO THAT!)

--"It Never Rains in Southern California" by Albert Hammond playing in van with Hurley and Miles
--"Love Will Keep Us Together" by The Carpenters in the van

1. Sawyer told Miles "I owe you one." Wonder when Miles will ask for the repayment
2. Miles' mother appeared to be suffering from something like cancer. Wonder if this was because of exposure to the "Jughead" bomb
3. Miles' mother tells him when he is a teenager (?) that his father is "somewhere you can never go" (little does she know...)
4. Miles is another character with father issues
5. More Egyptian references, this time written on the blackboard that Jack was erasing (Old Egypt, Middle Egypt, New Egypt)
6. The Dharma Initiative, under Horace's leadership, isn't quite as innocent as they try to appear as we learn when the body of Alvares is picked up in a quadrant that they're not supposed to be in
7. Hurley driving into the Swan Station building site sees them stamping the numbers on the hatch - 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42

Question Answered
1. Pierre Chang/Marvin Candle is Miles Straum's dad (but we pretty much already had that figured out)

1. So, I guess Alvares became a victim of the electromagnetic force when it pulled one of his tooth fillings right out of his head, right? Why would he have been digging a ditch in a quadrant that's supposed to in Hostile territory?
2. Is it possible that the reason that Pierre Chang sent his wife and kid off the Island is because of Miles? If Miles decides to tell Chang that he is indeed his son, Chang might freak out. Remember this video that I shared over the summer? Chang said "don't let them see each other" or something like that in reference to the bunnies both numbered 15. Maybe he sent his wife and baby-Miles off the Island to prevent baby-Miles and adult-Miles from ever interacting
3. Which side are Bram and Illana on? Is the Dharma Initiative about to become a third-party in the events? You may all remember that last summer there was the Lost game involving the Dharma Initiative recruiting people (I took the tests and was assigned "Cameraman"). So, this may be a sign that not only will we have Ben's side and Widmore's side, we'll likely get the Dharma Initiative back involved (lead by Eloise/Ellie...?)
4. Daniel is the man from Ann Arbor, but do you remember who else is from Ann Arbor? That's right, Gerald and Karen DeGroot. Refresh your memory here with the Dharma training video for the Swan Station
5. Is Daniel working with a re-grouped Dharma Initiative?
6. So, which version of Empire Strikes Back did I see, the Hurley version or the Lucas version? It remains the best of all of the Star Wars movies, so I hope it was the version that Hurley improved on. Just with he would've improved Return of the Jedi...

Something to check out if you haven't seen it, a video shown last summer at ComicCon (comic convention) in California. It's a vid that hasn't appeared in a Lost episode yet, but may in one form or another. Here is the link to the vid on youtube. Things to note in this video: We see someone referred to as "Hans" (Alvar Hanso, perhaps?); Pierre Chang is professor of physics at Ann Arbor University; you can hear a baby crying in the background and he tells Laura off-screen to take him (baby-Miles?) outside; there is a lot of electromagnetic inference in the tape; he says he's sending the message forward (to 2007) from 30 years ago (1977); we see that he still has use of his left arm; and he says that they will all be dead ('purge') because he got the information from a reliable source (adult-Miles?) and he's pleading for the Dharma Initiative to re-group. And, the voice you hear off camera at the end, is that Miles himself??

Tune in in two weeks for Lost, Season 5 Episode 14 "The Variable". Until then, you're all in the circle of trust, dude.

Feel free to share your views, theories, money....



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