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Lost, Season 5, Episode 8
Sawyer: Mr. Jim "Head of Security" LaFleur. After their last time jump (when Locke turned the wheel), Sawyer, Miles, Juliet and Jin find themselves back in 1974 on the Island. Sawyer spins a tall-tale that he and the others were part of a salvage vessel looking for an old slave ship called the Black Rock. At some point in the three years that he's within Dharma he earns enough trust to be appointed head of their security. He and Juliet are an item after three years together...but hold on, with Kate now back, who knows. (I hope the whole love triangle thing with Jack/Kate/Sawyer is done. Sawyer with Juliet is just fine.)
Juliet: Along with Sawyer she has become a part of the Dharma Initiative, but she is working in the auto garage, until the unexpectedly early arrival by two weeks of Horace and Amy Goodspeed's baby forces her into baby-delivery mode. She delivers the as-yet-unnamed baby boy via C-section, and the baby survives. This is contrary to her work previously on the Island (in her earlier timeline) when none of the babies born on the Island survived. Her relationship with Sawyer has completely developed over the 3 years they've lived there, 1974-1977. They're, like, a lovey-dovey couple now.
Horace Goodspeed: Head of the Dharma Initiative on the Island in 1974. You'll remember Horace (Mathematician) as the man who pulled over the assist Ben's parents after Ben was born by the side of the road (The Man Behind the Curtain episode), and Horace also appeared in John Locke's visions (Cabin Fever). Horace talks of a truce with the group of hostiles, but doesn't elaborate. The hostiles (led by Richard Alpert) have their truce violated when Sawyer and Juliet kill two of them who had killed Amy's then-husband Paul. Horace and Amy later marry and three years after the arrival of Sawyer et al, they become parents of a baby boy. Horace will later die in the Ben-led purge.
Richard Alpert: We already know he's been on the Island at least since the 1950s when Locke first walked into their camp (via a time-hop), but it's going to turn out he's been on for a very long time. Although the statue (from the back) appears to be the Egyptian god Anubis, wouldn't it be interesting to see Richard's face on the statue.
Daniel Faraday: Jumps to 1974, but Charlotte's body does not go with him. He tells the others that with their headaches and nosebleeds done, they've made the final jump. Where they've landed...when they've where they're staying. "The record is spinning again, we're just not on the song we want to be on." Later, in the Dharma village, he sees Charlotte as a little girl. (The same little girl who told Daniel as a dying adult that she remembered him as the crazy man who told her to leave the Island and never return.) Daniel's craziness may be starting at this point. But he still has work to do in the Swan Station and the electromagnetic force that's been discovered there.
Double Take:
1. The statue! From the back it appears to the Egyptian god Anubis. If you look it up, you'll likely recognize the statue. From the back, it appears to be holding an ankh in his right hand, and some sort of staff in the left hand. Paul's necklace was also an ankh. (Since we didn't see the front of the statue, wouldn't it be wild if the face turned out to be Richard Alpert's?) This statue is a tie-in with all of the hieroglyphics that've been seen in the wheel-room and around the temple.
2. With so the statue and hieroglyphics, it makes sense (in a Lost sort of way) that Hurley was water-coloring an Egyptian scene with the sphinx in the sanitarium.)
3. The submarine is already being used, and is offered to Sawyer, Juliet et al, but they pass and decide wait two more weeks. Heading back on the sub would put them in 1974, where everything they know "doesn't exist yet."
4. Problem with the Charlotte sighting: If that was Charlotte, the timeline was 1974. But, in a season four episode, Ben went on about Charlotte being born in 1979. So, this could be weird.
--the brownie-infused-hootenanny going on in the Security Station between Rosie and Jerry. Buncha hippies. (That was Tony Orlando & Dawn's Claudida playing in the background)
--"Or maybe when we get there you'll want to go back to the Orchid again, and when that gets boring we can head back to the beach. It's the only two plans you people have." Miles to Sawyer when Sawyer wanted to head back to the beach. (Miles is taking over the funny-comment role that Sawyer used to have, it seems.)
--Horace hammered blowing up trees with dynamite. (Dynamite from the Black Rock, perhaps? If so, he lied to Sawyer about his knowledge of the boat)
Questions Answered:
1. The Dharma Initiative built the sonic fence.
2. The statue is Egyptian in nature.
3. Jack, Kate and Hurley land on the Island in 1974 and reunite with Jin and Sawyer.
4. Daniel is on the Island in 1974, which will likely be how he is able to work with Candle in the Swan Hatch and the electromagnetic force that exists there.
Who does the baby of Horace and Amy grow up to be?
2. What is the war that's coming? Is the truce broken?
3. Is the statue a victim of the coming war? We know that it existed in 1974, but had been destroyed at some point prior to the Losties arriving in September of 2004.
4. How long before we reunite all of the Losties with Locke, Ben, and the rest of the Ajira survivors? Or, did the Jack/Hurley/Kate group arrive in 1974, but Locke/Ben/Caesar and the other injured survivors crash in 2008?
5. Was Ben on the Island at this time of the Ajira crash?
6. Will be soon be learning of "the incident" that Marvin Candle mentioned way back in the Swan Orientation film?
7. What made Juliet stay on the Island? She told Sawyer she'd stay two more weeks, but ends up staying three years. What happened to changer her mind? Does it matter?
8. We don't see much of Daniel: had he already been assigned within Dharma to work at the Swan Station? We know he ends up there with Marvin Candle. Does Daniel have something to do with the incident?
9. Where are Sun, Sayid and Frank Lapidus?
10. Why do I have to wait two whole weeks for the next episode??

I think there's still going to be one more time-hop. Somehow, somewhere, sometime.

In two weeks, be sure to tune in to LOST, Season 5 Episode 9, titled "Namaste".

Until then, enjoy your brownies and have a wicked awesome hootenanny.



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