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Lost, Season 5, Episode 4
“The Little Prince”
Kate: Not really a “Kate” episode per se, though it does revolve around her for the most part. Her character continues to be the least drawn-out character in the show. We do learn that it was her idea to say that Aaron was her child during the brief flashback when Jack, Kate and the other Oceanic 6 folks were first picked up by Penny’s boat. Kate’s modus operandi is to freak out about something and then run away and this been her whole history on the show. Nice to look at, but really the most boring character. For this episode, she learns that Ben is the one who sent the lawyer to get blood samples of her and Aaron to determine the relationship between them. She is NOT happy to see him at the marina and to learn that they have to go back to the Island.

Daniel Faraday: Continues to dole out information about the Island’s effects on the residents, pointing out that he believes the effects of the time-hopping are neurological in nature and that the time-hopping throws a person’s internal clock off and also has a greater impact on people who’ve been on the Island the longest. Really bad jet lag, as he described it.

Miles: With his nosebleeds beginning, it implies he’s been on the Island before (which is common thinking anyway). This lends some credence to the thinking that he is the son of Marvin Candle/Dr. Chang and was likely born on the Island or brought to it as a baby. Since his nosebleeds began after Charlotte but before Juliet, it seems he was on the Island longer than Juliet but not as long as Charlotte.

Charlotte: With her nosebleeds are the memory failures. Here she doesn’t remember Daniel right away after regaining consciousness. Remember last season when she was testing Daniel’s memory using flash-cards and we didn’t know why? Maybe Daniel has time-hopped previously and he was recovering from that when she was testing him. But how was Charlotte on the Island previously? Was she born there or brought there as a child?

Locke: Way cool that he recognized the light from the Swan Hatch off in the distance and remembered what the light was from. When he tells Sawyer “when” they are, Sawyer asks him why he didn’t go to the light and do things differently, to which he replies “I needed that pain to get where I am now.” Besides, as per Daniel, you can’t change the past anyway, so going to the light probably wouldn’t have accomplished anything. Locke also told Sawyer that the reason all of this is happening to them on the Island currently is because they (the O6) left and that he has to bring them all back even if it kills him, which we know happens. It’ll be interesting to find out how he dies.

Juliet: She seems to know a whole lot more than she has let on. Interesting character. The relationship with her and Sawyer seems to be blooming, but will it actually go anywhere, especially when Kate gets back to the Island?

Sun: Everybody run…Sun Kwon’s got a gun. (sorry…altered the “Homecoming Queen’s Got a Gun” lyrics). Sun receives a package in her hotel room and in it are documents from Surveillance Data Investigations, Inc (had to freeze-frame to read it). She hired an agency to follow Ben and the packet includes text about their surveillance as well as black/white pictures of Ben with Jack. Also included is a box of candy which has a gun in it. Taking the gun, she leaves with Aaron and heads to the marina to meet up with Jack, Kate and Ben. Of course, none of them know she’s coming.

Jack: Pretty much in this episode just around to “fix things” with Claire’s Mom (we learn that nothing needs to be fixed there); to get Sayid out of hospital (successful); and then to get everyone to the marina (also successful).

Dan Norton: The lawyer from Agostino & Norton we learn had been hired by Ben. One of the things Mr. Norton does is push the blood test with Kate to see if Aaron’s her kid. Another thing is he tells Ben that the judge in Hurley’s case is going to throw out the charges because there’s no proof that Hurley killed the guys who were after Sayid. My guess is we’ll see him again in the future.

Sayid: Slowly accepting that they have to go back to the Island. Awesome to see him take out the bad guy who was sent to kill him (by whom?) in the hospital. Does not trust Ben at all.

Rousseau: We finally get her back into the story. Albeit it’s a much younger Rousseau, already pregnant when she arrives on the Island with 5 other members of the crew from her ship. We knew already that she was pregnant when she got to the Island and this confirms it. Not really sure what they were all saying in French, but probably stuff like “That TFKoP is wicked awesome”, or “Hey, Rousseau, you’re hot just like all of the other women on Lost”, but I could be wrong as my French is pretty rusty. Regardless, it’s awesome to know that we will finally be getting some back-story on Danielle Rousseau, how Ben took Alex, and what happened to her crew.

Jin: Not dead. Knew that. Once Danielle tells him her name, he knows something goofy is going on.

Ben: Not sure why he admitted to Kate, Jack and Sayid that he ordered the blood test for Kate and Aaron. This would seem to undermine the fact that he’s trying to convince the O6 that they have to go back to the Island. They already don’t trust him yet they follow him blindly.

Other Characters:
--Ms. Littleton (Claire’s Mom): Not in LA to get Aaron, but instead to get a settlement for Claire’s death in the Oceanic 815 crash.
--Claire: During the time-hop when Locke and all see the light (from the hatch), Sawyer follows the sounds of screams in the woods and sees the time when Kate delivered Claire’s baby, Aaron, on the Island. Time-wise for the Losties, this happened two-months ago.
--Hurley: In the LA County lock-up, but likely not for long as Norton told Ben that the charges will be dismissed against him. However, Hurley in that orange jumpsuit…was I the only one thinking “Hey Kool-Aid!”?

The Numbers in this episode:
1. Kate lives at 42 Panorama Circle
2. Sayid was unconscious for 42 hours
3. They meet up at the marina at slip #23

Funny Line:
“Thank you, Lord!” – Sawyer screams up to the sky as the Island time-hops while they are getting shot at by the unknown people in the outrigger, and the time-hop saves them. But, they end up time-hopping from a clear and sunny day into a stormy-night sea, to which Sawyer then cries “I take it back!”

--The van that Sayid and Ben were riding in said Canton-Rainier Carpet Cleaning on the side.

If you anagram Canton-Rainier it spells out Reincarnation. That ain’t no coincidence. Interesting….
--The children’s book “The Little Prince” ("Le Petite Prince") was published in 1943 and written by French aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupery. In short, the story is about a prince who lives on an asteroid and travels around. Interesting note: the asteroid he lived on was called B612. In real life, an asteroid discovered in 1993 was, in honor of this book, named Besixdouze. On the Island when the Losties discover the wreckage of Rousseau’s ship on the beach, Locke kicks over a can that says “Besix Douze” on it. B612 = Be-six Douze (douze is French for the number 12).

Questions Answered:
--No surprise: Ben is the one who sent the lawyer after Kate for the blood tests.

--With Charlotte and Miles suffering from nosebleeds caused by their time on the Island (previously) and the time-hops, can Daniel’s nosebleeds be far behind? It seems that Charles Widmore selected these three to be on his team for one simple reason: he KNEW they’ve all been on the Island previously, likely all born there.

--Why did the guy who tried to kill Sayid have Kate’s address in his pocket? It must be a set-up as it doesn't seem likely that Kate would send someone to kill Sayid.
--Ajira Airlines: Was this a time-hop forward in time? Who was on that flight? The beach camp was the Losties’, but with nobody there and the strange outrigger-boats on the shore, it makes me wonder if this was a flash-forward. You can check out their website here: (And if you click on the Ajira Adventure link, you’ll see that they offer such getaways as a Polar Adventure, an Australian Walkabout, Island Adventures, Swimming With Sharks, and Excavating Ruins.) Is Dharma (or Ben…or Widmore) using this airline now with all the negative-publicity surrounding Oceanic to get more people to the Island?
--Where did the outrigger-boats come from that were on the Losties’ beach? Who were the ones in the boat chasing and shooting at Locke, Sawyer, Juliet, et al? Crazy thought...if the Ajira Airline crash happens in the future and it happens after all of our Losties are back on the Island...could it be that our Losties in the future assume that the Ajira plane crash survivors are there because of Widmore and it's our Losties chasing themselves because they assume the people in the front boat are bad? (Sort of in the same way that the Others chased our Losties when they first arrived on the Island?) Hard to wrap my head around this, but wouldn't that be intersting?

--Who will Adam and Eve end up being?
--Who has been the one doing the supply drops to the Island all of these years? Widmore? Ben? Dharma?
--Rousseau said in previous seasons that her crew got the sickness….what is the ‘sickness’?

Tune in next week for “This Place is Death” (episode 5 of Season 5).

Until then, be sure to get that nosebleed checked out.



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