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Lost, Season 5, Episode 3

Daniel Faraday: He (and Charlotte and Miles) get captured by the militants, led by blond girl named Ellie (see Ellie and Ms Hawking below). She says to him, “You just couldn’t stay away, could you?” implying that these forces have dealt with Daniel before. She also blames Daniel’s “people” for planting the land mines, so it’s obvious that the forces (Others?) believe that he is with the hostiles. Something happened to him at Oxford because Desmond can find no records of a Daniel Faraday at the university. Does this have something to do with the girl in the hospital…did she take part in one of his time-travel experiments and was affected by the test? For Charlotte, Daniel confesses his love for her while convincing Richard Alpert that he needs to take care of the hydrogen bomb’s leak (in 1954).

Ellie: When she asks Daniel how he knows that burying the hydrogen bomb will work at covering up the leak, he tells her that in 50 years, the Island is still there.

Teresa Spencer: Girl who is in some sort of condition…awake but unaware. Something happened to her during one of Daniel’s experiments...maybe he unstuck her consciousness during an experiment? Her sister says she’s sometimes “away”, and then she’s talking and asking for her dolly, or talking to her dad (who’s been dead 5 years.) This sister, Amanda, says it’s a blessing that Charles Widmore is paying for her care. This catches Des off-guard.

Miles: While being led through forest, has intuition that they walked over a grave site containing 4 US soldiers. One died of radiation poison, he says.

Charlotte: Could she be suffering from radiation poisoning from the leaking hydrogen bomb? Whatever she has, she’s in a bad way: nosebleeds, memory loss, collapsing unconscious.

Locke: The time is 1954. Tells Richard that Jacob sent him. Smart man, that John Locke. He shows compass to Richard, but Richard isn’t aware about the compass because for Richard that time with John hasn’t happened yet (his meeting John in the original timeline.) But Richard doesn’t believe him, so Locke gives his birth-date and birth place and tells Richard to go see him in two years when he's born. Is it Locke’s visit to 1954 during the time-hopping that actually inserts him into Jacob’s sights as a future leader for whatever is happening there?

Desmond: In England looking for Daniel’s mom at Oxford U. He’s having a hard time convincing Penny of how he has the memory of Daniel knocking on the hatch door. When she asks him to promise to never go back to the Island, he says “Why in God’s name would I want to go back there?” We’ll find out soon enough. Des finds all of the equipment Daniel used in his abandoned lab at Oxford, including the maze that he used when training his rat, named Eloise. Desmond goes to see Charles Widmore in order to find out where Daniel’s mother is and learns that she is in LA. (The woman that Ben went to see in the lab under the church in Episode 2 The Lie?)

Richard Alpert: When Richard tested Locke as a child, Locke did not pick the compass. In this episode, Locke gives the compass to him, telling him to give it to him later. Richard, in testing Locke as a child, must’ve been checking to see if Locke was time-hopping as a child (he wasn’t). Richard is in charge of the Others back in 1954. He also believes Daniel to be part of the hostiles, asking him if he’s come back for his bomb.

Juliet: Knew that Richard Alpert was on the Island during their 1954 time-hop. How?

Charles Widmore: As has been implied in the last couple of seasons, that Charles Widmore was on the Island before (an Other), is confirmed in this episode in wicked awesome style (even though the military jumpsuit he’s wearing has the name Jones on it). It would seem that the rivalry between Ben and Charles did indeed begin on the Island. Was Widmore Richard’s 2nd in command until Ben came along? What made Widmore leave the Island, and why can’t he go back now? (He must’ve moved the Island at some point in the same way that Ben did.) We also learn that Widmore was funding Daniel’s time-travel experiments in later years.

Ms Hawking: Eloise Hawking. Eloise can be shortened to “Ellie”. Ellie is the name of the blond girl in 1954's timeline that is with Richard’s group and led Daniel to the bomb. If Eloise does turn out to be Daniel’s mom, it would appear that Daniel knew he’d be seeing her during these time-hops.

Jughead: The name of the hydrogen bomb, also the name of the episode. When Daniel finds the leak in it, he says it needs to be buried under lots of concrete and/or lead. Remember that the Swan Station had a very thick concrete wall that was hiding something, causing Sayid to comment that he hadn’t seen so much concrete since Chernobyl. Was the bomb buried there?

--Forces speaking Latin. Juliet knows Latin.

--Eloise Hawking (Daniel’s Mom?). Ellie (which could be short for Eloise) is the blond girl. Eloise was also the name of Daniel’s rat in the maze. Coincidence?
--Penny and Desmond name their son Charlie. Which at first seems like a nod to Charlie Pace, but don’t forget that Charlie is from the name Charles…as in Widmore.

Questions Answered:
--Charles Widmore was part of Richard Alpert’s group on the Island.
--Richard Alpert visited Locke in the hospital when he was born because Locke had told him about his birth-date and birth place during the time-hop to 1954.

--Is the girl in the hospital the step in Daniel’s time-travel experiments where he learned that each person has to have a constant to come back? Is she also the girl in the picture with Daniel that Desmond found in Daniel’s lab?

--Any chance that Penny and Charlotte are sisters?
--The janitor says that he heard that Daniel Faraday was trying to send “rats brains back in time”. Why only the brains? Was he trying to send the consciousness back in time to a previous time in the rat’s life? Meaning, was the experiment intended to eventually lead to the sending of a person's older and wiser consciousness back to a point in time when they were younger, thus giving them the advantage of fore-knowledge of the Island, it's mysteries and things to come?
--Who is Jacob? Is it Jack? John Locke?
--How old is Richard Alpert?
--Will we learn when the Black Rock and/or Danielle Rousseau’s ship landed on the Island? Those would be great back-stories.
--Is Locke’s temporary paralysis he suffered in Season 1 when he and Boone were at the drug-plane tied in with his being shot by Ethan in last week’s episode? Somehow the results of the being shot may have carried over when the Island was time-hopping. (Hat-tip, Jenn)

--Where the hell is Claire in all of this?

Tune in next week for “The Little Prince” (episode 4 of Season 5).

Until then, stay away from bombs leaking radiation.



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