Friday, October 10, 2008

Let's Go Red Sox!

Tonight, the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay (devil) Rays begin the ALDS. Best of 7 series.

Let's Go Red Sox! Let's Go Red Sox!


Update: Red Sox 2 Devil...oops....Rays 0

Side note: It was funny to watch this game and actually see that the fans in Tampa had actually filled the Tampa Bay stadium for this game. I guess after years and years of having no fans, all of the sudden the team suddenly has fans. What's the matter Tampa Bay, you can't cheer for your team unless they're winning?? LAME! The only true fans of the Rays are the 9,000 or so who go to every game. You other 30,000 who've suddenly just become fans because they're winning....? Well, you're all LOSERS.



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