Sunday, September 07, 2008

Frat Packs

It's opening season across college campuses all over the country. Even up here in Orono, Maine, as at other universities, the incoming class of freshmen at UMO (University of Maine at Orono) are greeted with opportunities to join a frat or a sorority.

Hanging around campus are spray-painted white sheets with an invitation to the incoming freshmen class, to ‘rush’ that particular chapter.

I was never in a frat, but I suppose it’s like Animal House, (one of the funniest movies EVER) where you get paddled, drink beer, and create mischief all over the campus. Oh, and sex.

"I'm still hammered!"

Even the on-campus chapel/church, the Newman Center, is getting in on the whole pledge-thing for those students who buy into the whole religion thing.

"It's like sex...but without the orgasm!"

How great is that one?? That is classic!

And speaking of classics, if I’m gonna rush anywhere, it’ll be here.

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