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LOST Season 6 Episode 13 The Last Recruit

Hurley: His decision to merge his group with FLocke’s led to some interesting situations for our Losties.

Jack: Jack gets to address FLocke for the first time and finds out that it was the SMonster himself that posed as Jack’s dead father, Christian. As he continues his turn from a Man of Science to a Man of Faith, Jack takes it upon himself to abandon the boat from the Island when he says that leaving doesn’t feel right and Sawyer says “see yah later”. Before jumping off, he tells Sawyer that he’s sorry he got Juliet killed. Jack swims back to the Island, where FLocke is waiting. Knocked nearly unconscious by a bomb launched by Team Widmore, he is carried away by FLocke who tells him not to worry, “you’re with me now.” OH NO! Could Jack be overtaken by the same darkness that has taken over Claire and Sayid? In the Flash-Sideways, Jack also meets up with Locke, this time as the surgeon brought in to work on the battered and bleeding John Locke, put into this condition by Desmond’s intentional hit-and-run.

FLocke: Attempts to convince Jack that he has been helping him all along. Posing as his dead father Christian, he lead Jack to the drinking water, or so he says. Also says he’s been trying to help Jack leave the Island and wants him to accompany everybody to the plane to leave the Island. FLocke tells Jack that Locke was a sucker, a sucker who believed that he was brought to the Island for a reason. After Zoe enters the camp demanding the return of Desmond (though she doesn’t say his name) and a display of the firepower from Team Widmore, he destroys the walkie-talkine she had given him to contact them. Saying “Well, here we go”, FLocke has just fired the starting gun, I believe, for the chaos to come. Expect the body count to begin rising.

Locke: In the Flash-Sideways, Locke is being brought to the hospital in an ambulance, accompanied by Ben Linus. Locke gives the name of Helen as his contact, telling Ben that he is going to marry her. Entering the hospital on his gurney, he is brought into the ER the same time that Sun, injured by the gunshot of Keamey, is being brought into the ER. He does not recognize her, but Sun, who has never met John Locke in the this timeline, recognizes him.

Sawyer/James Ford: On the Island, he turns on FLocke and takes Desmond’s sailboat, Elizabeth, and some of the people from the FLocke tribe, with him. In the Flash Sideways, as the cop, he talks to Kate about fate bringing them together, and later arrests Sayid.

Sayid: FLocke sends Sayid to kill Desmond, saying he will have to do this in order to get what was promised to him. At the well, Desmond asks Sayid what he’s getting, and when he tells him he’s getting Nadia back, Desmond asks Sayid what he will tell Nadia when she’s back from the dead. How will he tell her that it cost another life to bring her back? Later, Sayid tells FLocke that he killed Desmond, but we never see this, and it doesn’t appear that he did. In the Flash Sideways, Sayid is on the run from the cops (turns out it’s James Ford and Miles Straume) for the killing of Keamey and his men, who were of course shaking down Sayid’s brother, who married Nadia in that timeline.

Claire: Finally able to talk to Claire with both of them aware that they are brother and sister. It’s not a very comfortable conversation, but Claire hugs Jack and tells him that she thinks it’s good he’s going to be going with FLocke. When Jack tells her he hasn’t decided, she says “you decided the moment you let him talk to you, just like the rest of us. Like it or not, you’re with him now.” Claire does have a moment of...wait for it---wait for it....CLAIRE-ity when she joins Sawyer, Jack, Kate, Sun, Hurley and Frank Lapidus on the sailboat heading to Hydra Island, noting, however, that FLocke will be mad when he finds them gone. Flash Sideways Claire is at an appointment to meet with an adoption agency when Desmond shows up and brings her instead to another office in the building. The office being a law firm that Ilana is part of. Ilana?? Yes, THAT Ilana.

Ilana: In the Flash Sideways, it turns out that Ilana is a lawyer who represents Jack’s dead father, Christian. For the reading of the will, Desmond brings Claire to see her while Jack is there, and it’s here that she informs Jack that she is Christian’s daughter and that she and Jack are brother and sister.

Kate: Her impassioned speech to calm Claire to get her on the sailboat was nice. Admitting that she never should have raised Aaron, that it should’ve been Claire and that the only reason she came back to the Island was to get Claire back to be with Aaron melts Claire a little and she agrees to go with them.

Sun: Okay look, her reunion with Jin was awesome. But to all of the sudden be able to talk again...that was a stretch. And to have Lapidus say “Looks like someone got their voice back” was corny. Sun spoke, we heard her, we don’t need it pointed out that she just spoke. In the Flash Sideways, the good news about her is that she recovers from the surgery for the gunshot wound, the pregnancy was not compromised, and in a possible prediction, Jin says “It’s over and we’re all going to be okay.”


--Ford/Sawyer referring to Frank Lapidus as “that pilot who looks like just stepped off of the set of a Burt Reynolds movie”


--Ummm...did the well that Desmond is in suddenly become shorter than it looked last week when he was pushed into it? What’s up with that?

--There’s been an increase in the appearance of the numbers, but this time in the Flash Sideways. It seemed that the numbers were resolved with the numbers corresponding to the list of Jacob’s Candidates. Maybe there’s another correlation for the numbers regarding the Flash Sideways incidents.

--There was another longgg stare into a mirror, this time from Jack in the operating room.

--I guess Charles Widmore had no intention of keeping his word with Sawyer. What a shocker. Not.


--Jack (whose name is kind of similar to Jacob) and FLocke on the beach together the same way as Jacob and Man in Black to end the series? Any takers?

--I really don't have any more questions. I'm just going to let the series unfold.

Some unfortunate news....the episode on Tuesday, April 27, is a repeat of the Ab Aeterno episode that focused on the back-story of Richard. The next new episode of this final season of Lost will be Episode 14, The Candidate, and airs Tuesday, May 4.

Here’s how the episodes stack up for the rest of the season:

Ep 15 Across The Sea (Tuesday, May 11)

Ep 16 What They Died For (Tuesday, May 18)

Ep 17 The End (pt 1) will be shown as part of two-hour series finale (Sunday, May 23)

Ep 18 The End (pt 2) will be shown as part of two-hour series finale

Until next week, I have to go, my sailboat's leaving.



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