Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Did You Know Tuesday

Did you know that Maine couple Dave and Lacey Castro (from Lewiston) won this year’s North American Wife Carrying competition? The event was held in Maine last week and they beat out 41 other couples from North America to win the contest. The prize? Lacey’s weight in beer and 4 times her weight in cash! So, that turned out to be 121 pounds of beer and $484. Too bad the beer was Bud Lime.....gag.

The event involves teams comprised of one male and one female navigating a 278 yard obstacle course with small hills, mud, water and hurdles. In most cases, the male carries the female (there was one couple this year that reversed that) through the course and the team to finish first with the best time wins! Teams were from as far away as California and of course, as close as Maine, the hosting state.

In addition to the above named prizes of beer and money, the couple is also invited to participate next summer (July 3, 2010) at the World Championship in Finland. Good luck Dave and Lacey!



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