Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tarp Funds

In Maine, a staple of everybody’s household is a blue tarp, or “taahp”. Yup, a blue tarp. These come in handy for a plethora of things, and believe me, some people come up with new uses for this large piece of blue plastic.

To be fair, tarps also come in other colors (green or gray come to mind), but it’s the blue variety that finds an audience with Mainahs.

The blue tarp is a versatile product, used in many instances. To cover something, patch something, drag/haul something, the blue tarp is exactly what you need.

Working on your car engine and you need to cover it overnight? Blue tarp. Have a hole in your roof that needs a temporary patch? Cover it with a blue tarp. Need to haul piles of raked leaves to a compost pile? Blue tarp, once again. Keeping your wood dry as it seasons through the summer? Blue tarp. Homemade slip-n-slide in the backyard? Blue tarp, natch. Going camping? Can’t be without a blue tarp.

The blue tarp is so decidedly a Maine-thing that recently an NBA Development team associated with the Boston Celtics (and Charlotte Bobcats) was granted to Portland, Maine. They allowed the general public to vote on a name for the team, and the seven names they came up with were pretty lame (Beacons, Crushers, Claws, Destroyers, Swarm, Traps and eventual winner, the Red Claws). However, many people thought a better name would’ve been the Maine Blue Tarps. Alas, it was not to be. (I personally thought that since Maine is the first state in the United States to be touched by the morning sunrise, a great name would’ve been the Maine Sunrise.)

To be honest, I’m currently without a blue tarp. Yikes! But not to worry, I’m heading to the store to pick one up. They can be found in practically any store in Maine, from department stores, to hardward stores, to Quickie Marts.

If you’re in Maine, you know what I’m talking about. If you come to visit, why not pick up a blue tarp along with your other Maine souvenirs? You never may need it eventually.

For home, work, camping and multitude of other place, the blue tarp we say in Maine...wicked awesome. And we've always got funding to get a tahp.



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