Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Morning Chuckle

Summer Olympics are in full swing (**yawn**), and the big story is about Michael Phelps' amazing run in swimming and winning 8 gold medals. That's a record, and he's now the most medalized Olympic person ever in the history of the universe, or something like that. Maybe he's now ruler of the cosmos too, not sure. I'm not really a follower of the Summer Olympics. I mean, I hope the USA kicks ass, but the events just aren't enticing to me. (Now, the Winter Olympics I totally dig....)

Today's chuckle comes from Michael Kay who was on yesterday's Sports Reporters on ESPN (Sunday, 8/17/2008). In talking about Michael Phelps, Mr. Kay remarked:

"He's the best thing in the water since The Incredible Mr Limpet".

hahahaha! That was wicked funny, ayuh.

For those too young to know who the hell Mr Limpet is, here you go (sorry, I can only provide the link because Blogger is sucking ass today and every time I try to upload a video, it disconnects on me).

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