Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Did You Know Tuesday

Did you know that the Maine Troop Greeters welcomed the 1 millionth service member through the Bangor International Airport yesterday? They have been greeting these flights since May of 2003. In addition to the one million service members, nearly 200 military dogs have also been the recipients of a welcome.

I’ve mentioned them here before and would love to again. The Maine Troop Greeters get up at any time of day or night, and go to the Bangor, Maine airport to welcome back to the US, or heading out of the US, all military flights and the service members on those flights.

Read about them here.

Also be on the lookout for the DVD release of the movie that came out last year about these remarkable people, The Way We Get By.

And to all our service members here Stateside and those at sea or overseas, thanks for all you do. Know that if you come through Bangor, you’ll be greeted by some great people who are there to thank you for your dedication and commitment to your country.

Troop Greeters space at the Bangor International Airport - the stickers on the door and windows represent the logos of just some of the troop divisions or squadrons



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