Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Did You Know Tuesday

Did you know that a tree in Yarmouth, Maine believed to be over 200 years old had to be cut down today due to Dutch elm disease? The tree, originally believed to be around 240 years old, was around since shortly after this country's hard fought independence. A quick count of the tree rings after it was felled indicated the tree's age to be around 212 years old. The old elm tree had been tended by 101 year old Frank Knight for the past 51 years. Mr Knight had been Yarmouth's tree warden and continued to care for the tree long after he retired. Mr Knight was in attendance as Herbie, named by some residents who used to play under the tree when they were kids many years ago, was slowly cut down.

The Bangor Daily News has the story here.

Bye, Herbie. 212 years...that’s nothing to bark at. Okay that was bad, I’ll just leave.

Caretaker Frank Knight with Herbie the Elm Tree behind him
(picture from msnbc.com)



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